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Bug Jr. Silicon Sustain
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This batch of Bug Jr fuzzes uses my Violet Ram’s Head circuit, with some fine tuning and custom love.

I used NOS Motorola BC239C transistors with a “hot” first transistor but moderate gain in all other positions. A combination of 1N4454 and NOS Telefunken OA128 diodes gives a hint of asymmetrical clipping. The result is a very sweet, classic sounding muff tone. I love the Violet’s inherent sweetness, and these two are especially sweet. You can really open up the BALANCE pot on these units to get a mixture of treble clarity & deep, wooly low end.

Canary yellow powder coat with etched zinc top plates and a warm yellow LED keep the summer feels flowing.

Just a heads up - These are the last two cases I have in this style, so I’ll most likely be moving on to another case design for future Bug builds.

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