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Dulcinea Octave Fuzz

The Dulcinea is a recreation of my beloved old ‘71 Foxx Tone Machine octave fuzz. I’ve used a more pedalboard friendly 1590J enclosure for this batch, but the PCBs are still the same full-sized exact reproductions of the Foxx TM boards. This batch features a mix of BC107 and BC547C transistors. This is a raw, wild fuzz with tons of output (I rarely turn up past 9:00 on the volume!) and the octave effect has a terrific glitchy, slight ring modulated vibe.

This lot is finished in splatter purple metallic powder coat with acid etched zinc top plates coated with a gloss clear coat, Zonk-style chicken head knobs, and feature raw metal baseplates. Don Quixote graphic with moon and windmill remains from the original Dulcinea series.

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