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Dulcinea Silicon Octave Fuzz
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The Dulcinea is a direct & loving recreation of a 1971 Foxx Tone Machine octave fuzz that I owned & fell in love with. This original unit varied from most schematics that you’ll find online in a couple of component values, and had its own special vibe. I’ve used a reproduction of the PC board layout that I traced from my original unit, and included NOS Fairchild 2N3565 transistors & carbon composition resistors to capture the bloom & grunt of the original.

The primary fuzz tone of the Dulcinea is very thick and syrupy, with great sustain and low end compression. The octave side of the effect tracks beautifully and is especially pronounced when you play above the seventh fret…. A harmonious swarm of android bees.

The enormous clam-shell cases are powder coated in Moonlight Blue and feature a large etched brass image of Don Quixote & windmill set against a gigantic full moon backdrop. The brass etching and patina treatment brought out various shades, from browns & blacks to a rosy copper tone, which add individual character. Padauk side panels and Davies cream knobs add contrast & class.

These are heavy, beefy, bomb-proof enclosures that are closer in size to your old Atari 2600 than to any conventional mini effect pedal, and will also serve as a small boat anchor in a pinch. Your dainty pedalboard will hate me.

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