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Eris Fuzz (Germanium TB MKII)

The Eris is my take on the classic MKII Tonebender circuit. With its perfect balance of compression, snarl, and harmonic resonance, the MKII is probably my favorite germanium fuzz of all the “classic” circuits.

The Eris stays true to the original MKII circuit while providing a little better clean up on the guitar’s volume pot. For a gradual clean-up into shades of dirt, roll the FUZZ pot back to about 90% and control the saturation w/ your guitar’s volume pot.

For this batch, I selected NOS Philips 2N1309 transistors which sound great in this circuit and clean up with a glassy top end. The 2N1309s have plenty of low end “oomf” and no harshness up top while providing great sustain. This batch also sports new-old-stock ERO caps and carbon composition resistors to bring out the best this circuit has to offer.

These are finished in a burnt candy orange sparkle powder coat with a light patina to the zinc top plate. I busted out the cream “Russian Muff”-style knobs for these to complete the Orange creamsicle vibe, and there’s a soft white LED to match.

$425 shipped in CONUS. International customers please contact me for postage quote.

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