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Locust Hybrid Fuzz Sustainer
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The Locust is a four-transistor, 75% Germanium / 25% Silicon fuzz designed to bridge the gap in saturation levels between a Tonebender MKII and a Big Muff.

With a compliment of one AC187 and two Russian MP11 transistors, the Locust has a strong germanium voice with plenty of compression & bloom to individual notes with a hint of rawness in the top end. The addition of a BC107C Silicon transistor helps to push the saturation up a couple of notches.

The character of the Locust is fat but focused, with a nice flat EQ curve & no mid scoop. For a fuzz with hefty saturation, it still cleans up very nicely on the guitar’s volume pot.

This is a negative ground (NPN) circuit, so it’ll pop right onto your pedal board and play nice with your power supply

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