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Oracle Fuzz (Small Box, Hybrid, Green)
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For a long time, I’ve wanted to design an Oracle Fuzz in a pedalboard friendly format that would run on standard Boss-style 9V power supply and maintain the organic Germanium character of the original big-box Oracle. I think I’ve achieved that, and added a little more versatility to the circuit as well.

This batch of small box Oracle fuzzes are a hybrid circuit; the first transistor is a new old stock Fairchild 2N5138 silicon, while the second transistor is the classic Philips OC76 germanium found in the standard Ge Oracle. The character of the hybrid circuit is 100% Oracle, but with a touch more top end. The high-cut function of the “Color” pot allows you to match the original Oracle vibe, but there’s a bit more treble available at the top end of the Color pot if you want it.

I’ve also added a “Voice” switch which gives you the classic Oracle voice in the “up” position (strong mids, gradual bass roll off) or a second setting which provides a fatter, fuller low end and slightly flatter midrange.

This makes a great companion to the Silver Bell OD. While the Oracle is capable of saturated fuzz, the first 75% of the DENSITY control covers clean-ish dirt tones for shades of fuzzy drive.

Finished in Smoke Green powder coat with a red LED. Top plates are acid etched with a mild patina and matte clear power coat.

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