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Santa Muerte MKI Germanium Fuzz
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The Santa Muerte is my spin on the classic MKI Tonebender circuit. This batch is built in a solid steel Goblin Green powder coated wedge enclosure with jade green G10 turret board. The graphics have been etched into zinc and given a very light patina. Top mounted jacks and cream Davies knobs give the unit a clean look, and a side-mounted white LED gives the convenience of an indicator light without killing the classic wedge aesthetic.

The tones of the zinc plate patina shift in the light, with silver and grey hues dominating, but black and subtle brown patina tones creating a nice contrast.

This batch also features one Philips OC75 black glass transistor and two Philips OC76 - These are raspy, rich, and ragged with that signature MKI note decay

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