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Silver Bell Overdrive (Silicon Diodes, Round Knobs)
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This "silicon" version of the Silver Bell is identical to the standard Silver Bell overdrive in every aspect except one: the Silicon version uses new old stock Toshiba 1S1588 silicon clipping diodes rather than the germanium Telefunken OA172 diodes used in the standard units. (The 1S1588 diodes were used in a soft-clipping arrangement in old school Tube Screamers, but here I’m using them in a hard-clipping arrangement.)

Sonically, the silicon version has a more focused distortion character in the upper ranges of the Drive knob and a less “raw & ragged” sound than the standard units with Germanium diodes. These silicon Silver Bells are also a little smoother and more compressed in their breakup than the standard Bells.

Graphics plates are made from etched zinc with an extra aggressive etch and extra patina treatment. This process brought out deep blacks to contract the raised silver portions, and also brought some oxidation in small patches of copper & rust red hues.

Cases are finished in a beautiful Sky Blue powder coat with subtle green LEDs. I also drilled & burnished the small circles within each of the Dharma Wheels so that Sky Blue cases show through.

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