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Spectre Germanium Fuzz ( Equinox Series)
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For the Vernal Equinox:

The Spectre was the second Monolith circuit which I introduced back in 2008, following the Oracle. For a long time I’ve wanted to make an “elemental” version of this circuit which strips the controls back to the most basic functionality while maintaining 100% of the original circuit topology. The Spectre Equinox achieves that goal, and maintains the two primary functions of the original Spectre circuit: a cutting fuzz tone and an aggressive treble boost.

With just “Fuzz” and “Output” knobs, this version of the Spectre does away with the “Pre Fuzz” and “Tone Cut” knobs of the original Spectre. Both fuzz pots of the original are now controlled by a single knob, while the treble voicing of the circuit is set at a fixed value. I’ve retained the “Voice” switch, which selects between fuzz & treble boost functions, but I’ve opted for a low-profile top mounted mini switch which keeps a clean look and minimizes clutter.

The same board layout of the original circuit is used, but I’ve made the boards as small as possible while still using eyelet & turret board construction. The original Philips OC75 and NOS AC152 transistors are used to capture the classic Spectre soul.

Graphics have been updated and are etched into zinc plate with a mild patina. Cases are powder coated in a white & grey hammertone with side-mounted ultraviolet LEDs.

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