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Ursa Major Silicon Sustain (Rosewood)

The Ursa Major is a unique muff-based circuit which fills out the Monolith Bug Bear lineup.

The UM is the spiritual cousin to the Grey Owl fuzz, incorporating a blend of silicon & germanium diode clipping and a distinct Balance pot voicing to achieve a burnished, smoky fuzz tone with pronounced germanium clipping artifacts in the upper register. Thick, grainy, and soupy distortion abounds with the Fuzz pot set high and Balance pot around 12:00…but roll the Fuzz pot back and dial up the Balance pot to find a sweeter fuzz voice which allows you to dial in shades of dirt via the guitar’s volume pot. From compression & bloom to impending doom - the Ursa Major gets you there.

Cases are finished in gun metal Grey powder coat with etched zinc graphic plates with rosewood side panels.

This is a truly ancient sounding fuzz with tons of low end and snarling, gritty top end character. Works beautifully on bass guitar, too.

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